Wednesday, July 15, 2015 As cyber attacks make almost daily news, the attorneys at Amy Stewart Law are spending an increasing amount of their time making sure the firm’s clients have adequate coverage from this constantly evolving threat.

The firm’s work with cyber insurance was featured in a column by the Dallas Morning News’ Cheryl Hall. Here’s an excerpt:

Cyber insurance has existed for decades but mostly has been bought by tech, health care and financial companies. The mad dash for coverage began after headline-grabbing data breaches of major retailers, the government and, most recently, the Houston Astros.

Not surprisingly, larger companies are far more likely to have cyber protection.

But any company that uses email, takes credit-card payments, stores customer information, has outside vendors or simply has a website is vulnerable.

“Getting coverage under traditional policies is becoming increasingly more difficult as insurers use exclusions on traditional policies to push coverage over to cyber, where they can hike premiums,” says [Amy] Stewart, who enjoys studying the ingredients of insurance policies the way a foodie likes taking apart a recipe.

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